Young Researcher Award & Student Paper Competition

  • IISA is  accepting nominations for the 2016 Young Researcher Awards. Nomination deadline is 11:59PM, PDT, May 31, 2016. Please submit nominations and all supporting documents (in pdf)  by email to Details:
  • IISA is  accepting submissions for the 2016 Student Paper Competition. Submission deadline is 11:59PM, PDT, May 31, 2016. Please submit your paper and CV  (in pdf)  by email to Details:

Stat Methodology

The IISA Executive Committee recently became aware that the current publisher Elsevier has decided to discontinue its operations for the official journal of IISA, Statistical Methodology <> after 33 volumes as of 31st December 2016. At this point the possibility to submit new manuscripts has been temporarily suspended. The IISA Executive Committee is looking into this matter and also exploring other options to continue the operations of the official journal.

2016 International Indian Statistical Association Conference

The 2016 IISA International Conference on Statistics
Statistical and Data Sciences: A Key to Healthy People, Planet and Prosperity
Co-organizer: Department of Statistics, Oregon State University

August 18-21, 2016
Venue:  OSU Learning Innovation Center, Oregon State University, Corvaliis, OR  97331
Web: Email:

The 2016 IISA Conference will be held in Corvallis, Oregon. It will bring together statisticians worldwide from academia, industry, government, and research institutes. 

Contact: Debashis Mondal, Department of Statistics, Oregon State University. Email:
Details: Please visit the conference webpage: 


Anyone who is interested in the objectives of the Association is welcome to become a member.

Membership Fees (Outside India): (Join)

  • Life Membership Fee: $450.00 (US)
  • Regular Annual Membership Fee: $50.00 (US)
  • Student Annual Membership Fee: $15.00 (US) - Must pay by check/cash.

Membership Fees (For Resident Indians affiliated with Indian organizations) (Join)

  • Life Membership Fee: INR 5000
  • Regular Annual membership Fee: INR 500

About IISA

The International Indian Statistical Association (IISA) is a non-profit organization. Its objectives are:

  • to promote education, research and application of statistics and probability throughout the world with a special emphasis on the Indian subcontinent;
  • to foster the exchange of information and scholarly activities between various countries as well as among other national/international organizations for the development of Statistical Science;
  • to serve the needs of young statisticians;
  • to encourage cooperative efforts among members in education, research, industry and business.

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