2015 International Indian Statistical Association Conference

Celebrating Statistical Innovation and Impact in a World of Big & Small Data
Co-organizer: Department of Statistics, Savitribai Phule Pune University
December 20-24, 2015
(Workshops on December 19th, 2015)
Venue: Yashwantrao Chavan Academy of Development Administration (YASHADA)
Raj Bhavan Complex, Baner Road, Pune, Maharashtra 411007
Web: http://iisaconference.org/ Email: IISA2015.IOC@gmail.com

The 2015 IISA Conference will bring together statisticians worldwide from academia, industry, government, and research institutes to explore the latest developments and challenges in the era of big and small data. Recent advancements in the fields of Statistics, Biostatistics, and Probability will also be discussed. The Conference will be held at the YASHADA Management Development Center, PUNE.  We hope to see you in Pune this year!!!

About IISA

The International Indian Statistical Association (IISA) is a non-profit organization. Its objectives are:

  • to promote education, research and application of statistics and probability throughout the world with a special emphasis on the Indian subcontinent;
  • to foster the exchange of information and scholarly activities between various countries as well as among other national/international organizations for the development of Statistical Science;
  • to serve the needs of young statisticians;
  • to encourage cooperative efforts among members in education, research, industry and business.

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