An Appeal for Donation

An Appeal from Prof. Hira Koul on behalf of the IISA Fundraising Committee: 

We are again writing to ask for your generous donation to move the IISA forward.  You may donate for 

  1. a named lecture (Plenary/Special invited talks)
  2. a named  award (Young researchers award, award for winner(s) of Student Paper Competition)
  3. student travel funds
  4. general activities of the IISA.

This appeal is in particular for establishing a series of 1 to 3 Bahadur Lectures at every IISA meeting, in the spirit of Wald Lectures of the IMS. The invited person would give 1 to 3 lectures on a topic of current and broad interests. It will cost around $10,000 to establish and get started with this lecture series. Sooner we have the funds, sooner we can establish this lecture series.

It will take 10 donors each donating $1000 or 20 donors each donating $500. This is only a suggestion. Please open your purses and donate to IISA for this professionally noble cause. We welcome your donation in any amount. 

Donations to IISA are U.S. federal tax deductible. You can send a check made out to the IISA (please mention the purpose) to: 

Prof. Subrata Kundu, Treasurer, IISA
Department of Statistics 
George Washington University
Washington, DC 20052


Alternately, you can also make an online donation by going to